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The "Officina Meccanica Franco Marchini" established in 1973 with just a manual lathe, a drill press and a lot of passion. The company mainly dealt with machanical machining accuracies third party by hiring one apprentice only.

At the beginning the company only produced the metal cores of the rollers And the wheels. Over the years the company started grinding the rubber products. Own rubber coating of metal cores è was the natural outcome of the progress of Franco’s production. This made it possible to achieve the full control of the production process and to also extend product types by special rubber-metal details and suctions cups.

In the meantime the company has moved from the small laboratory in Bagno a Ripoli to the present wide mechanical workshop located in Lastra a Signa. After completing his studies in mechanics, Dino, Franco’s son, joined the company in 2003, to follow his fathers footsteps and work in the family business.

Caterina, the elder daughter of Franco, also joined the company in 2016 by leaving her job at a historical florentine publishing house to handle the accounting and administrative management of the firm.

In November 2011, the Officina Meccanica Franco Marchini was incorporated in the Marchini S.r.l. by the transfer of business, in order to comply with the new business framework. Today the company has three founding partners with own authority and responsibilities.

The company keeps growing by investing in learning processes of new woks, new materials and the staff training. As vertically integrated company Marchini s.r.l. is able to manage the construction of the particular design from the bid request up to shipment, ensuring the maximum quality, fast delivery times and a very competitive value for money.

In 2014 the company moved its headquarter to Scandicci in a wider industrial building that allowed to install new technologically advanced large-scales machines in order to manage distinctive rubbers of bigger dimensions.